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Friday Night Fever

The Death Of 2008

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 02:14, Jan 01 2009

The Wrestling Buddies pull the plug on 2008 as we help kill off the year. Jack and Buck return with an epic edition of the Fever recapping the monumental year end ECW show. We also talked about our dream guests, the ECW moment of the year and gave our New Year's Resolutions. The Feververse was in for a treat as the Wrestling Buddies did what no other wrestling show has the balloons to do as we went live at the most hardcore hour of the day 1 PM EST. Listen to this milestone of audio history the Afternoon Fever Delight !!! 2008 might be dead and buried but the Feververse is 100% disease free....except for a high temperature Fever...the Friday Night Fever that is !!!

Scott Keith

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 12:54, Dec 16 2008

The Wrestling Buddies Entered The Dungeon of Death with Scott Keith. We went over his new book Dungeon of Death Chris Benoit and the Hart Family Curse. We talked about steroids, pain pills, the wrestling lifestyle, current wrestling and much more.

We also went over the top 10 Fever moments of 2008. Listen now and join the Feververse !!!

We also played some tracks from the new Duckman for Presidente featuring New Jack CD. For information on buying your copy for only $6 please visit www.inyourheadonline.com or email njonesy1@msn.com

Top French Canadians

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 07:56, Oct 11 2008

The wrestling Buddies, Jack and Buck, once again reunited for a special Tuesday edition of the Fever. We ran down our top 15 French Canadians of all time. Listen to this epic broadcast as the Fever heads to Quebec !!! From Montreal to Memphis, Parlez Vous Francais, tell all the girls the Fever's on the way !!!

Les Copains de lutte, le Cric et et le Dollar, de nouveau reuni pour une edition de mardi speciale de la Fievre. Nous avons couru en bas notre premier 15 Canadiens Francais de tout temps. Ecouter cette emission epique comme la Fievre dirige a Quebec !!! De Montreal a Memphis, Parlez Vous Francais, dire toutes les filles la Fievre en route !!!

Friday Night Fever Infomercial

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 01:54, Aug 03 2008

Shooter Austin took over the Fever and gave us an example of what we can expect from Smash Mouth Wrestling Radio if he can get an advance in his allowance, and Louie can stay up past 9 PM.

Jack explained to everyone the massive undertaking in the comeback edition of the Fever when the Wrestling Buddies finally reunite. Jack and Buck will take an Awesome Ride through time and space in their time travelling teacup built for 2. Don't understand ? Listen and learn as Jack spells it out for all you dullards.

All this and much more !!! Just a taste of what you can expect from upcoming editions of the Fever !!!

The Glory Days of Wrestling

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 15:45, Jul 28 2008

In the final edition of the Fever with Jack and Brian we went over the Glory Days of Professional Wrestling. Covering the 1980's Crockett Era NWA, WWF Wrestlemania Years, the finals years of the AWA, WCCW and much more including memories of the hosts and callers.

Jack had a special message and announcement at the end of the show, so make sure to listen after the closing music.

Top Stars That Never Had The Gold

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 12:10, Jul 13 2008

Jack and "The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich, formerly of WWE and Tough Enough, were back with a new edition of the Fever. We went over top singles and tag wrestlers that never held the major titles in the WWE, that we believe should have. So sit back and catch the Fever !!!

4th of July Fever

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 10:04, Jul 07 2008

The Starspangled Slammin' Sunday edition of the Friday Night Fever with new hosts Jack N. Off and "The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich. We went over Smackdown and the new Diva Championship, RAW's new direction with CM Punk as the champion and then we went over our top 10 Most Patriotic Wrestlers of the Modern Era. Check it out !!!

The Final Fever ?!?!

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 11:39, Jun 14 2008

Friday Night Fever returned once again for what could be the end of an era. Jack and Buck, the Wrestling Buddies, went over Smackdown, Impact and broke the news about Carlito dissing HHH publically. We had a major announcment regarding the future of the Fever and dare I say the wrestling landscape as we know it. This 4 hour extra special edition of the Fever is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, feel rage, think and grow as a human being. Can we get any better ? If so I'm not sure how, listen now...while you can !!

Booker T Teleconference

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 17:47, Jun 03 2008

TNA-Spike TV Teleconference with Booker T discussing TNA Slammiversary and the King of the Mountain match, if Samoa Joe is the right guy to carry TNA, how much longer he will wrestle, a possible stable with Team 3D, racism in wrestling, his thoughts on Michael Hayes, working with Bobby Roode and Black Machismo, Kurt Angle, his brother Stevie Ray, The Ultimate Warrior's return and much more !!!

Countdown To Cold Day In Hell

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 06:31, May 24 2008

The Fever swerved their own fans by claiming the show was cancelled only to go live anyway. Who else would dare such a brave tactic and live to tell about it ?

We previewed the entire Cold Day In Hell XPW reunion show, match by match. Jack and Buck also talked about their XPW memories.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Then we went over TNA, comparing it to XPW. The current state of TV wrestling. The Brand Split vs the Monday Night Wars, what will happen when Vince McMahon dies and much more including a great idea for Vince Russo.

The Manliest Men of Wrestling History

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 10:01, May 18 2008

In this special edition of the Fever, "The Wrestling Buddies" Jack and Buck went over their top 15 list of the manliest men in the history of pro wrestling. So sit back and listen as Jack and Buck educate the world on what wrestlers should be.

GOUGE 2nd Anniversary Special

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 12:06, Apr 13 2008

An hour prior to GOUGE's 2nd Anniversary show we were joined by Seymour Snott, Major Debeers, Petunia, Dick Foley and Count Grog live from The Vintage 21 "GOUGE's Madison Square Garden". We went over what it meant for the company, the gimmicks and character based family fun GOUGE provides. We talked about working smart, supporting your local wrestling, meeting fans and many other topics as we counted down to bell time for the big GOUGE event. For more information on GOUGE please visit:

Jack and Buck also took many calls with the Fever fans. We went over Smackdown, Impact, the return of the WWE Wrestling Buddies and previewed TNA Lockdown. We had a heated debate over Women's wrestling where Jack and Buck proved once again they were right as always.

Special thanks to a friend of the Fever's Eytan Mersky for the opening song tonight. For more information on Eytan and how to purchase his CD's please visit:

April 1st Friday Night Fever

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 05:06, Apr 02 2008

Special Tuesday edition of Friday Night Fever with a special guest !!!

Amazing Race's Kynt & Vyxsin

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 08:04, Mar 29 2008

We were joined by "The Pink and Black Attack" Kynt and Vyxsin of CBS' Amazing Race Season 12. We went over their experience on the show and what it has meant to them since. Their recent photoshoot for Gothic Beauty Magazine, modeling for Hot Topic, The Rock, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, upcoming appearance on "America's Most Terrifying Places" and much more. For more information on Kynt & Vyxsin or just to interact with them please visit:


Kynt and Vyxsin along with many other Reality TV stars will appear at The Reality Rumble Saturday April 5th in
Penn Laird, VA. For more information on how you can purchase your tickets and attend the event please visit:

In the post show Jack and guest co-host Baron talked about Impact, Smackdown and the upcoming Wrestlemania. We were also joined by many callers such as Duckman, Walkie, Norrin and even a brief appearance by Slartibardfast. We went over many topics in pro wrestling including TNA, the lack of protecting giants in modern wrestling and some of the more nasty rib stories in wrestling.

Duckman's new CD "Duckman for El Presidente" featuring The Original Gangsta New Jack will be available on this site soon. If you want to get a copy of "IYH Presents Duckman Eats Tokyo" featuring the IYH theme and the original IYH theme. Plus 20 tracks, artwork by TJ, and IYH fan quotes for only $10 please email njonesy1@msn.com !!

"Mr. Awesome" Roy Schildt

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 07:57, Mar 22 2008

We were joined by "Mr. Awesome" Roy Schildt. We talked in depth about "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" including his thoughts on Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe, Twin Galaxies, being banned from The Funspot and much more. We also went over his Missile Command world record, his entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, being in Playgirl and his comic book. For more information on Roy and his upcoming appearances and where to buy his comic book please visit:

In the post show IYH and FNF joined forces as Jack, OneInchBiceps, Barbie Richards and Buck took control of Friday Nights !!! We went over classic video games, thoughts on The King of Kong, we looked forward to Wrestlemania XXIV. We reviewed Monday Night RAW including Ric Flair vs Vince McMahon, the RAW roster vs Randy Orton and John Cena and much much more !!! So listen now punks !!!

Big Paulie Gilmore

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 07:47, Mar 22 2008

We were joined by Big Paulie Gilmore of New World Wrestling. We went over his promotion and upcoming dates on Cape Cod, Ma. Including Saturday March 29th at the Plymouth Community Intermediate School and April 5h at the Sandwich High School Headlined by Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. For more information on where to get your tickets please visit:

Jack and Buck also went over TNA Impact and WWE Smackdown !!

Fever Hall of Fame Class of 2008

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 04:01, Mar 14 2008

The first annual Friday Night Fever Hall of Fame special. Jack and Buck nominated nearly 100 wrestlers who were considered Hall of Fame worthy. Live on air they voted on who could pass the test. Who was legendary enough to make it past the Fever's velvet rope into immortality ? Listen now to this nearly 4 hour ceremony celebrating the life and times of the greats of the past.

Gimmicks Free Edition

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 07:48, Mar 01 2008

The first week of Fever Idol saw Mike Money and Riren audition. America, you be the judge on how well they did. We went over TNA Impact, previewed the upcoming TNA PPV Destination X. We discussed WWE Smackdown, and talked a bit about the upcoming ROH PPV. All this and much more !!! Sadly due to technical difficulties we went gimmick free this edition !! Could Jack and Buck deal with such a set back ?? Listen for yourself.

Friday Night Fever Special Announcement

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 05:26, Feb 16 2008

In this special edition of the Fever we went over Impact, had 2 major guest co-hosts, and discussed many wrestling topics. We helped save the life of a dying man. We dared to experiment with a revolutionary new segment, and then made a major announcement regarding the future of the Fever. Listen now to this special edition.

Count Grog

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 19:08, Feb 10 2008

We were joined by GOUGE's Count Grog. We went over his beginning days in the business in the 70's, his managing career in the 80's, his promoting career in the 90's til today. His newsletter, Brian Hildebrandt, Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, The Original Sheik, Bobo Brazil and many other legends were discussed. Along with current subjects like the Hardy Boyz, Omega wrestling, TNA, ECW Arena, Timber, CW Anderson and GOUGE stars such as Dick Foley, Leroy Zbyszko, Cowboy Willy Watts, Otto Schwanz, Chilly Willy, Gogo the gay gorilla and many more. For more information on Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment including their upcoming show February 29th in Raleigh, NC at the Vintage 21 please visit:

In the post show we went over TNA Impact, Smackdown, Owen Hart's ghost, who we'd like to see the Hall of Fame and much more. We gave our predictions for the TNA Against All Odds PPV this Sunday. The fans demanded we go over time, and who are we to argue ? Listen to this 4 hour overdose of the Fever !!

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