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What is SSID broadcasting 1? What is the effect of closing the SSID?


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18:24, Dec 10 2017

SSID (Service Set Identifier) can also be written as ESSID, used to distinguish between different networks, Huawei Switch S2700 18TP SI (AC) Access Switch can have a maximum of 32 characters, a different set of SSID wireless network card can enter the different network, SSID usually broadcast by AP, through the scanning function with XP can check in the current zone SSID. For security considerations, SSID can not be broadcast, and at this time the user will have to manually set up the SSID to enter the corresponding network. In a word, SSID is the name of a LAN, and only a computer with the values of the same name SSID can communicate with each other. A AP can set up multiple SSID, corresponding to different business requirements.

currently, most of the companies and home wireless networks are set up to use an open WEP encryption environment, that is, allowing others to search for the SSID identifier which is disclosed by the access point, which is realized by SSID router broadcast by wireless router. But for WEP encryption, because it is very easy to be cracked, it has been recognized as a threat or even meaningless encryption, which has far been unable to meet a higher security environment. Then some security conscious people will think: if so, I still SSID broadcasting off well, or the AP SSID name has been a bit strange, not easy to guess, is not no one can break my wireless network, it can not enter into the network is shown in Figure 1 here? Shows the page will be set in the &ldquo TP-LINK wireless access point; allows the SSID to broadcast ” before the hook removal can turn off SSID radio.

figure 1 in TP-LINK wireless router close SSID broadcast

for Linksys brand wireless router or some other wireless manufacturers, you can set the main wireless configuration page corresponding to the &ldquo Wireless Huawei Switch 1700 8 AC Access Switch, SSID; Broadcast” Disable can be set to. As shown in Figure 2 below.

" Figure 2 in Linksys wireless router SSID broadcasting off

in successfully modified the wireless router SSID closed set, will also need to be pre arranged on the wireless client all legitimate. In this way, a wireless router that closes the SSID broadcast will not be connected if it does not belong to the legitimate client. Of course, this is also considered in most of the domestic articles on wireless security improvement.

is a wireless detection tool, Kismet, which is used by wireless hackers as passive detection methods. As passive detection, it is not only concealed, but also more reliable. Because if active detection is selected, AP can be configured to make it not reply to the setting of SSID to “ any ” the detection request frame. However, if the passive detection tool is used to detect the SSID of AP, it may also be delayed because AP is configured to not transmit its SSID in the broadcast beacon frame. The discovery of wireless network is delayed rather than stopped. Because later, when legitimate users try to connect to AP, SSID will be transmitted in plaintext.

in the past, wireless hackers discovered that the waiting was boring, and designed a tool called Essid-Jack to solve the waiting problem. This tool was launched at the 2005 BlackHat global black hat conference in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, the tool only supports 802.11b, and it is mainly used for wireless Huawei Switch S1700 24 AC Access Switch phishing attacks.

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