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19:33, Nov 16 2017

friends buy a new notebook computer, set up wireless Huawei Olt Ma5600T 16Ports Gpbd internet access for the notebook, enter the router in the browser, but router can not open the situation, can not open the reasons for many kinds of solutions in each case is not the same. Let's analyze them one by one.

reason analysis:

1. may default a number of URLs: General router, access to the router options web site is, this is the default, but some routers are not, may be or other, lead to a web site can not enter.

2. username or account input error: may be the default account password input wrong and account password has been changed.

3. landing router is limited: you can set the permission method, use some of the computer can access the router options.

4. router running time is too long, although the site and account password is right, there may be Huawei Olt Ma5600T 16Ports Gpbd can not login.

response measures:

1. to know the exact site of the router login, whether it has been changed, here need to be explained, even if the router default landing site is, can also be changed to other urls.

2. checks whether the router enters the URL correctly: if the URL is entered correctly, it will pop up the dialog box, “ enter the account number and password ”.

3. for the URL or password incorrect handling methods: ask the person who modifies the password of the router; can also restore the factory settings, so that account password restore default; before initialization, pay attention to backup broadband internet account number and password. To deal with the method of

4. router options page: Although can not enter the account password is correct, but still can not enter the router option, may be due to a router running time is too long cause, try to unplug the router power, a drive may be effective.


1. does not know the router IP address, DNS address, select “ automatically obtain the IP address ” and “ automatically obtain the DNS server address ” also can.

2. uses the wireless network, remember to check “ open the wireless Huawei Wi Fi Router Ar2240 function &rdquo option, or can not use the wireless network.

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