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As I pour through all the film each week from the previous games, I always write down any interesting formations or plays that I

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01:39, Aug 08 2017

As I pour through all the film each week from the previous games, I always write down any interesting formations or plays that I think are good to attack defences. Ryan McDonagh Rangers Jersey . It gave me the idea to talk about what formations are used in the CFL and some of the reasons why they are used. Formation is defined as a structure or arrangement of something. In the case of football, it is eligible Receivers in relation to the football field. Most teams usually communicate some basic terms for formations based on the wide side of the field. For example, if there are three Receivers to the field and two Receivers to the boundary that is called a 3x2 set, 3 Field and 2 Boundary. 2x3 is two Receivers to the field and three Receivers to the boundary. 4x1 has four Receivers to the field and one to the boundary. If the numbers used equal five, the back is assumed to be in the backfield. If the numbers equal six the back is part of the spread formation. For example, 3x3 and 4x2 has the back as one of the Receivers in the formation. Lets talk about some of the formations used in the CFL, and how they are utilized. 3x2 set This is the most common formation seen in the CFL, with three Receivers spread to the wide side of the field. The three Receivers are put to the field to use the width to their advantage. The width forces the defenders to cover the whole width of the field. From the Boundary Hash to the sideline there are 41 yards to be covered by defenders. The three Receivers try to spread the field horizontally and vertically to attack the zones that are played by defenders. Many times there are only four defenders to cover the 41 yards both vertically and horizontally, so there are spaces in the zones. That is why teams must also employ man-to-man coverage where there arent holes in the defence because each man is covered. The two Receivers into the boundary and its 24 yards are usually covered by three defenders. Many teams employ the two Receivers into the boundary because they can run simple concepts where the QB can read one defender and throw off of him. The CFL has a lot of two-man Pattern combinations and they are often employed into the boundary because they are shorter throws for the Quarterback. 2x3 set Another formation often used is two Receivers to the field and three Receivers to the boundary. Teams employ this formation often for two reasons. First it forces the defenders to decide what to do with their Sam or strong side Linebacker. Does the Sam stay to the field to cover the wide side or will he adjust to the boundary to help cover the extra receiver into the boundary? That is one of the first things you teach the QB to look for in this formation, where is the Sam? If he stays to the field, we have an offensive advantage to the boundary go there. If he goes to the boundary, we can now attack the width of the field with the two offensive players. Many of the same Pattern concepts that you run into the boundary can now be employed to the wide side of the field. 4x1 set Four Receivers to the field is often used to make the defence make a decision on how to space their defenders again. This time it is the boundary halfback who is the adjuster. He can either move to cover the width of the field and the additional Receiver to the wide side or he can stay backside and help the boundary cornerback with the single Receiver. A lot of offences at times will throw away from this defender. If the Halfback goes to the field you can put the Single Receiver in a 1-on-1 situation against the boundary corner. Quarterbacks often times will take the 1-on-1 throw into the boundary. If the Defence is concerned about the 1-on-1 on the backside they can leave the halfback on the backside hash mark to help the boundary cornerback. If that happens, then the offence should have an advantage to the wide side of the field with the four Receivers and the width of the field. 3x3 set Once you empty the backfield by removing the back the defence must remove a linebacker to cover the tailback in the formation or they must move the FS out of the middle of the field to cover the Receiver. Most teams will like to keep the FS in the middle of the field to have a deep defender so the weakside linebacker will usually move out to cover the back. Many teams will now try to get the linebacker in a coverage mismatch against the tailback in space, especially when they play man coverage. The other advantage offences have is that there are only five defenders in the box area (the area around the OL) and it creates an advantage for QB runs and draws. This is because there are five blockers for five defenders so there should be a chance to run. The defence has an advantage if they want to blitz because there are not a lot of protectors for the QB and there is a short edge on both sides to the QB. Short edge means a short distance to hit the QB. The last two basic formations to talk about are the ones with two backs in the backfield. Another back allows for another blocker in the run game, another pass protector to lengthen the edge and another possible ball carrier. 2x2 set This is a balanced formation with two Receivers field and two boundary and also two backs in the backfield. This puts the Sam linebacker into the box area and usually puts two defenders to the field and the boundary. This allows you to run two-man pass concepts on either side of the field. Offences like this formation because it allows for seven pass protectors, gives you six blockers in the run game and simplifies coverage because the Sam has to stay in the box area. 3x1 Set The 3x1 formation is similar to the 4x1 set because it forces the boundary halfback to decide to come to the field or whether or not to help the backside cornerback. A lot of teams will either work the boundary 1-on-1, or will max protect and work the wide side of the field. Coaches spend a lot of time watching video that is sorted by formations to be able to see how their opponents defend them. They will watch every 4x1 set video clip and decide on how to attack it based on the alignments they see on the film. Next week we can talk about exotic formations and motions! Phil Esposito Jersey .The team had a meeting prior to facing Russia at the world junior hockey championship and got the effort theyve been looking for by defeating the Russians 4-1 to advance to the quarter-finals. Jaromir Jagr Rangers Jersey . Howard hit a three-run homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to lift the Philadelphia Phillies to a 6-3 win over the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night. http://www.rangershockeypro.com/authentic-adam-graves-rangers-jersey/ .com) - Novak Djokovic captured a mens Open Era-record fifth Australian Open title on Sunday by defeating rival Andy Murray in the final in Melbourne.Quite surprisingly, this is the first time since 1986 that the Argonauts and Ticats have met in the Eastern Final. The Hamilton Spectators Steve Milton also points out that, even more amazingly, this is the first time the Argos and Ticats have each had at least 10 wins in the same year. Rookie Shane Horton starts at middle linebacker for all-star Robert McCune, who will miss the game with a shoulder injury. Horton was a safety at USC and has played both outside linebacker and rush end for Toronto this year. He took at least 90 per cent of the snaps at MLB during practices this week. Another rookie will start at the boundary halfback position. Neiko Thorpe, a member of the 2010 NCAA champion Auburn Tigers, played well replacing Pat Watkins at cornerback when the two teams played last month in Guelph. Hes a big DB at 62". Hell line up next to the 65" Watkins. Both Romby Bryant and Jason Barnes are listed as backup receivers. Head coach Scott Milanovich said earlier in the week that he didnt plan to dress five import receivers. With Chad Owens, John Chiles and Dontrelle Inman listed as starters, one can assume that either Bryant or Barnes is out. Barnes did take more reps with the first team this week than Bryant did. Kicker Swayze Waters had a very good week at practice. The yard lines were not drawn on the field during Fridays workout, but Waters hit what appeared to be a 60-yard field goal at the end of a special teams session and was mobbed by his teammates. While punting from sideline to sideline with Noel Prefontaine during practice, Waters kicked one from one sideline, across the field, over the head of some media members and over the players bench. It went roughly 75-80 yards in the air. Jerious Norwood gets the start at running back for the injured Chad Kackert. Norwood is coming off a game against Montreal where he carried the ball eight times for 102 yards and caught four passes for 62 more. A kick return specialist in the NFL, Norwood said his fastest time in the 40-yard dash was 4.33 seconds. Aaron Maybin gets the nod at DE. His only start of the season came in the season finale against Montreal. The most obvious thing about Maybin is how quickly he gets off the ball. The Argos have not had a great pass rush this season and Maybins presence may help. Ticket demand was such that an additional block of upper-deck seats was made available Saturday afternoon. James Patrick Jersey. The latest estimate is that around 40,000 will be in attendance. Glen Johnson will be the referee for the game. TSN.ca asked some of this years East Division All-Stars which players they thought had a chance to be the star on Sunday. Chad Owens: "Ricky Ray. Hes been our most consistent player, hes probably been the most consistent player in the whole league and hes poised for these moments. I think hes going to continue to be Ricky Ray and help us win." Khalif Mitchell: "Neiko Thorpe. Hes been more sound in the stuff that hes been doing as far as film and knowing his assignments. Hes the first one talking whenever a coach is asking about whats going on (in practice) or whats supposed to happen in a situation. Hes the first one to be vocal about it and that shows his confidence and that hes been studying off the field." Pat Watkins: "Mr. Ricky Ray. I mean, thats a sure bet. Born a star, been a star. Continuing to grow, a leader. Hes the man to get this while team going. If he plays well, well rally behind him." Chris Van Zeyl: "Khalif Mitchell. Hes dominant. When you watch him on film, theres not an offensive line, when he puts his mind to it, that can stop him. Ive watched him all year terrorize the guys on our team and whether he wins or loses, he leaves his mark every play. Hes a fiery guy, he brings emotion to the game and the defence feeds off him". Jeff Keeping: "Andre Durie. Hes been great this year and has been one of our best players. He works hard all the time, does everything the coaches ask him to do, and that exemplifies what this team is all about." Ricky Ray was asked three different times in three different ways and still wouldnt talk about one specific player. When teased afterward that he was incredibly boring, he laughed and said "I know". Scott Milanovich acknowledged that he had a gut feeling that one of his stars would step up. When asked which one, he chuckled and said "Ill tell you after the game". Mike Hogan is the play by play voice of the Argos on TSN 1050 radio in Toronto. The pre-game show for Sundays game is Noon et, with a 1pm kickoff. You can listen online at TSN1050.ca. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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