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Learn about the classification of stainless steel bars


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19:55, Apr 12 2017

Learn about the classification of stainless steel barsI believe that many people think that they are very familiar with the stainless steel is also very understanding, but in fact we have a lot of understanding are more one-sided, in order to better understand the stainless steel bar, surface to introduce some basic knowledge.stainless steel plate and coil price431 stainless steel rods First of all, stainless steel is divided into: stainless steel, stainless steel rods, stainless steel and so on. Stainless steel rods and because of its different materials are divided into: 304 stainless steel rods, 316l stainless steel rods, etc., as well as according to the shape of the classification: hexagonal bar, square bar, flat bar and so on.Stainless Steel pipe,Stainless Steel CoilNow more commonly used stainless steel plate is 304 and 316l, these two, the characteristics of these two kinds of steel is actually different. The two main differences are 316L Mo, Mo is indeed a high temperature of the material.Stainless Steel SheetsIt is generally accepted that the corrosion resistance of 316 is better than 304 in the high temperature environment more resistant to corrosion. In the general need for high temperature, a lot of staff will choose 316L this material, of course, in fact, should be based on the situation to choose, for example, in the environment of concentrated sulfuric acid can not choose 316LBest Quality Industrial Plastic Pallet

Foshan 304 stainless steel pipe market forecast

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