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Italy run out of places change

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01:21, Dec 06 2014

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5 minutes later, De Rossi pick box strength is slightly big, easily won by Butters. Eighty-sixth minutes, Italy run out of places change, Piero Camoranesi will be changed. After 1 minutes, Makelele left shot dozen fly.
Brazil's World Cup draw after FIFA change 7 games kick-off time, including England and Italy, the United States and Portugal and other important events. FIFA had for the International Union of football players in World Cup matches part proposes to modify the game time, in order to avoid ignored requirements during hot summer in the game player, but now take the initiative to change the time, the factors behind in order to meet the requirements of the broadcaster, the players union accused FIFA only for TV fee, do not care about the player's health according to the FIFA announced last month, the Brazil http://www.fifatank.com/ World Cup, including a group and knockout, as many as 24 game is at 13 pm local time start. The players union that noon game, Brazil northwest division when the high temperature hot, is not conducive to the player health, hope that FIFA change matches part time, the result is the FIFA flatly refused but the draw ceremony, FIFA active change 7 group games opening match time, FIFA apparently should television business requirements in order to match, can start on prime time team of the state, in order to improve ratings.

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22:52, Mar 16 2018

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