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My World: May 5th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 19:11, May 05 2006

By Justin Bailey

What a great promo by Joey Styles on Monday night! Obviously, this is the beginning of what brings back ECW. Everyone is concerned how WWE will portray it after seeing the disaster of WCW four years ago. I am anxious to see ECW return. I just hope like everyone else that it will indeed be used the right way. With Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer leading the brand, it has nothing but good signs for the product, but we will all see when that time comes. His promo spoke volumes about how a lot of people feel about the current WWE product. The Spirit Squad is ok. Your always going to have your annoying characters on the show, and they have impressive spots in their matches. The whole Vince and God angle is beyond too much, as is Vince making out with every female character on the show. You?d think the guy would have herpes by now.

At this point, Degeneration X has to be returning. They have teased it too much to turn back now. It will be interesting to see how it continues to be teased. You have Triple H and John Cena as bitter rivals, and Shawn Michaels and Cena on the same page at the same time. It would have to lead to Michaels turning on Cena, or Cena turning on Michaels, making the heel turn, which I see more imaginable. There is the other option that Cena would join them, but I don?t see that. I say just turn him heel.
If it is indeed John Cena and Rob Van Dam for the WWE Title at One Night Stand, that crowd is going to be all over Cena. There is a possiblity that RVD could go after JBL instead, granted that JBL becomes World Heavyweight Champion at Judgment Day. Which, if he does, that would be quite feat for him. He would be World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion at the same time. The only other people to hold the top and secondary title at the same time are The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg. On the other hand, if it?s JBL that walks into One Night Stand taking on RVD, that crowd would eat him alive. If you remember last year?s One Night Stand and how much heat he drew, you know what I?m talking about. As far as RVD?s Intercontinental Title, I don?t know what they do with it from here. He doesn?t need to lose it as like I said before, he needs to stay strong going into One Night Stand. When ECW comes back, he could take it with him to ECW in someway, even though I?m not sure how that would play out.

Now, with Finley going against Lashley in the Semi-Finals of the King of The Ring tournament, it?s all set in stone that it will be Booker T vs. Lashley at Judgment Day. They are really pushing Booker winning the tournament, leading me even more to believe Lashley will indeed be King of The Ring this year. It?s bad to see Chris Benoit job out in the First Round of the tournament, but I know it doesn?t surprise people. Benoit gets booked all over the card time and time again.

When, I saw MNM and Paul London and Brian Kendrick booked this past week for SmackDown! For the Tag Team Titles, I was curious why they were doing it already, when it was clear they were building for the match for Judgment Day for the big rematch pay off, which it will be anyways now. It?s really looking like London and Kendrick will win the tag titles as this feud has played out well.

Since Rey Mysterio has been World Heavyweight Champion, he hasn?t seemed to have much of an impact as champion. Granted he took a few weeks off after WrestleMania, but it seems like he just being booked clearly as a transitional champion. It just seems to make more sense week after week to have JBL take the title off him. I wouldn?t mind it. When JBL first won the WWE Title, I was literally wondering what they were doing, as were the better part of wrestling fans. Now, two years later, he has really came into his own as the character he is now and as odd as it may seem, JBL could be World Heavyweight and United States Champion, winning both titles within two months of each other.

The tag team of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels is quite a combination. These are two of the best in the business today. I didn?t see them defeating America?s Most Wanted this week, but now there will be a rematch at Sacrifice for the NWA World Tag Team Titles. I was thinking Team 3D would be mixing it back up with AMW, but obviously, that?s not the case. I wouldn?t mind at all seeing AJ and Daniels being Tag Team Champions. I am curious what Team 3D will do now though after ending their feud with Team Canada.

I am wondering who Sting will finally pick as his tag team partner when he faces Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner at Sacrifice. I don?t suspect it will be Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, or Rick Steiner. I think all three of those guys were just brought it to have their name affiliated with TNA. So, more power to TNA for one, having all three show up on tv for them, and two, making them one-time appearances. People were fearing at first that the three were all actually signed with TNA, but that doesn?t seem to be the case. Like I said before, TNA may book veterans, but they book them smartly. At Sacrifice, it will be Scott Steiner?s second match only in TNA, and again, it?s going to be in tag format, so that just proves how smart they handle the talent.

It?s looking like Senshi will be the next real competitior for the X-Division Title as he said himself in his video package shown this week. Senshi vs. Samoa Joe would be a very good match. Both have a stiff style, yet they could play off each other well in my eyes. I?m not sure when this match would happen, or is Senshi would indeed take the title, but it?s sure to deliver either way you look at it. Neither have been booked for Sacrifice, but if they do have their match at Sacrifice, it will drag on. They won?t build a match up, especially with how good those two could work together, with a matter of days build up to have a one-time meeting between the two. I think if anyone, Senshi could be the guy to take the title off Joe, as Joe really has no other real challengers right now other than him. Plus, it?s just a matter of time before Joe moves to the main event mix.

Well, that?s it for this week. I?ll see ya next week.

My World: Justin Bailey on MySpace-http://groups.myspace.com/justinbailey


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08:50, May 06 2006

Good Job J

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