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George South

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 00:24, Mar 25 2010

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In the preshow we went over TNA Impact including Ric Flair in a wheel chair, Hulk Hogan's magic ring with Abyss and RVD & Hardy vs Beer Money. We reviewed RAW including the Batista vs Cena promo and Bret The Hitman Hart.

Then came the monumental return of George South. George went over many topics in this 3 hour epic interview. Topics included his Wrestlemania predictions, The Taker Streak, training Richie Steamboat & Reid Flair, the secret handshake, Crockett Era NWA and so much more even his opinion on the Big Blue Cage debate !!

In the post show we went over our Wrestlemania Predictions !!! Listen to this 4 1/2 hour mega edition of IYH !!!

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