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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:14 pm 
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This came up in another thread, about the origin of our name. It was always In Your Head. Before we were an audio show we did 3 text chats, this is the first.


OIB: I guess you kind of got the message out for me.

OIB: Jack.


JNO: Sorry was away from the computer

OIB: I’m going to kill myself if nobody shows up.

OIB: I was to stupid to let everyone in the know.

JNO: live on webcam

OIB: I don’t have a Web cam

JNO: that might of got some more joiners

JNO: you have to plan ahead dude

OIB: That stuff is only for preverts I think.

OIB: Web Cams.

OIB: Yeah I know.

JNO: Then why don’t you have one

OIB: I don’t but I have videos a plenty.

JNO: of you

JNO: Screams at jackisbackbrother (Don’t have a clue what that does)

OIB: No web cam ladies.

OIB: They so hot.

OIB: Have you guys had any conversation yet?

JNO: don’t kill yourself dude

JNO: no, he hasnt said a word

OIB: Guess he’s waiting for 8.

JNO: you have to write a will and leave me all ur stuff first anyway

OIB: You’ll have a lot of stuff my friend.

JNO: It will be in good hands

JNO: I’ll keep the good stuff and give the rest to Hugh to sell on ebay

JNO: ponders the meaning of life

JNO: asks jackisback brother, “Do you, uh, Yahoo!?”

OIB: I’m sure he’ll enjoy that. He sales all kinds of shit on ebay.

OIB: Yeah, I Yahoo.

OIB: I was freaking giving out my real name to everyone.

JNO: so why are you obsessed with joe

OIB: That’s top secret info.

JNO: John Howard

JNO: ooops

JNO: remove that from the transcripts

OIB: You son of a, ahhh forget it.

OIB: You’ll love the way I Transcipt this shit. (Yeah loving it.)

JNO: my name is Jackson Nigel Off

OIB: I’m just take screen captures. (Little did you know)

JNO: see you cant kill yourself, you have to transcribe the chat

OIB: Taking screen captuers.

ORO left the room.

JNO: oro had enough

OIB: Yeah Jesus Christ this should be fun.

OIB: I kicked him.

OIB: Naw.

JNO: is he still pissed the kicked his ass out of the gir board

OIB: So what makes you think I’m Somoan?

JNO: you look it dude, you’re kinda dark and have big full lips
OIB: Naw must be just that picture.

JNO: brb making some dinner

ORO joined the room

OIB: He’s back.


OIB: What’s going on man.

OIB: ?

OIB: Haven’t missed much.

OIB: Jack just gave out my real name and everything.

ORO: I guess not

ORO: I’ll come back in here later

JNO: I got a private eye lookin g u up

OIB: Hmmm interesting

OIB: Why would you do that?

JNO: so oro heres ur chance to give ur side of the banning

JNO: find your real samoan papa

OIB: He said he’ll be back in a few minutes.

JNO: hes probably registering a few names now

OIB: I’ll have to send you anoth picture of me or something, I’m not samoan

OIB: Getting a few more names multible computers now, for the negative comments.

JNO: I saw the one of u bowing to the cat

OIB: Not me right?

JNO: you had your skin lightened like michael jackson

OIB: I’m Peter Pan Jack!

OIB: Peter Pan!

JNO: the rock used to be darker too

OIB: Did you see that thing on VH1?

JNO: no

OIB: Made him look even more insane then you already would think he is.

JNO: did you ever spend a weekend at never land ranch

JNO: hiccups and then searches for a glass of water

OIB: Hell, no.

OIB: You’re being silly Martin!

JNO: martin who?

JNO: you might of made some pesos for a few night with jacko

OIB: That guy who was interviewing him. MJ.

OIB: Damnit a mutant from WV we don’t go to Never land Ranch.

OIB: I’m a mutant.

OIB: Jees can’t type. (Ohhh, but I can now!)

JNO: Hmmmmm, maybe your mom or dad did, and jacko is really your father, which explains your samoa look somedays adn your white the others

OIB: I’ll have to look into that.

JNO: thats why I hired the pi.

JNO: plus the head dress and necklace make you look like an islander

OIB: Yeah, I really don’t know what to think about that.

OIB: Hey, the rock is part Samoan.

JNO: do they mind you dressing that way at the drunk tank

JNO: true, so is mr fuji

OIB: They don’t mind as long as you don’t interrupt their Save by the bell they are alright

JNO: the drunks like saved by the bell

OIB: Yeah, for some strange reason they all turn to TNT and watch Save by the Bell in the morning.

JNO: they probably like the young school chicks

OIB: Who could blame em, they probably don’t get much action being homeless and all.

JNO: you could start a new charity “ho’s for the homeless”

OIB: Most ho’s are Homeless.

OIB: I see a lot of those as well.

JNO: you have to start buying the better quality ho’s dude

JNO: you could probably make some bucks selling them crack and booz

OIB: Oh, you got me there. I’ll have to keep my eye on you! Ohhh you.

OIB: I’m sure I could.

JNO: see I’m always here to help a borther out

OIB: They were doing that up the road from us at the other Drunk Tank

JNO: you should transfer there

OIB: Naw, it sucks up there. I want no part of it.

JNO: whats oro doing

OIB: I don’t know.

OIB: Wonder if anyone else will show up?

JNO: I thought he wasnt going to post anymore after he moved to singapore

JNO: I doubt it

OIB: I did a wonderful job of getting the word out.

OIB: We’ll get into it when he comes back.

JNO: Probably no one cared about Joe.

OIB: How can you even say that about Joe.

OIB: Better watch it man, I’ll kick you!

JNO: do you have a collection of Joe’s calls

OIB: Not really, but I could put one together with little of a problem.

JNO: should I bash every member individually

JNO: you’re a strange man

OIB: I really wouldn’t post anything withou Sir Adam and Phantom’s say so.

OIB: Ahhh, I’m just trying to have fun really.

OIB: I figured it would be fun to have like a sub site to GIR were everyone can talk.

OIB: Almost 8, I bet people are about to start rolling in.

JNO: Maybe you should of just named it gir fans or something

JNO: ummm yeah dude yeah

JNO: I went into the WNL chat last sunday

OIB: Yeah, I probably should of just named it GIR fan’s I just figured it be funny cause of Rebel God’s post.

OIB: What about WNL?

JNO: you think rebel would of joined, he probably got a stiffy just at the thought of a group dedicated to joe

JNO: they have a live chat room during the show

JNO: so does vow

OIB: Was it all you ever hoped for?

JNO: with chris jism

JNO: I was asking it was the LAW chat room

OIB: That’s super cool Chris Cash buddy.

JNO: I pretended I didn’t know what wnl was

OIB: Who is LAW>

OIB: Did it piss em off?

JNO: live audio wrestling

JNO: nah, even their fans dont know who they are

JNO: I told them I was new jack and I was going to stab all the crackers

OIB: Ahh, they seem like good guys to me. Saying this cause I don’t want JSK bust though my wall and destory me.

JNO: yeah they aint bad guys, they just suck, and I hate everyone

JNO: I’ve only listened to one show, I’ll try listening to another some day

OIB: What about your Samoan friend?

JNO: he aint all bad, if you piss off a samoan they will bite your nose off and rip out your eyeballs and stomp them

OIB: Who was it that did that?

JNO: Haku bit a guys nose off

JNO: meng

OIB: Man, that’s awful couldn’t imagine biteing some dude till his nose came off.

JNO left the room

Everyone was kicked.

OIB: Alright I’m back up.

JNO: what happened dide

JNO: what happened to the transcripts

ORO left the room

ORO joined the room

OIB: Yahoo kicked us.

JNO: *******yahoo bastards

OIB: It’s still alive.

JNO: ok its all good

OIB: I save right before I was kicked.

JNO: good thinking

OIB: You know we’ll be famous for doing this.

JNO: why did it kick is

JNO: in our own minds

OIB: Pretty much.

OIB: I think chat rooms like to be stupid like that sometimes.

JNO: ********chatroom sons of *********

OIB: Were destroying the chat 3 people 1 not even talking and that killed it.

JNO: does oro still work in the chinese food joint

ORO: No I don’t

OIB: Their he is.

JNO: you got fired

JNO: got caught putting chicken in the dog lo mein

JNO: ok oro give us your take on the gir banning

JNO: its your chance to let out your side of the story

OIB hit close on chat by accident.

OIB: Opps closed it by mistake.

ORO: No.

JNO: damn it incher, did you lose the transcripts.

OIB: yeah.

JNO: Im asking the hard questiong here

OIB: I’m a idiot sorry
ORO: I only emailed Sir Adam once... and one time after he wrote me back. I didn’t write him multiple
hate fill messages.

JNO: I can copy and paste them to you somewhere

OIB: Yeah do that
OIB: alt print screen

OIB: then paste it in paint.

JNO: nothing happened

ORO: Sir Adam said he didn’t even know who Paul was for Christ sakes.

OIB: The broken box.

OIB: right hand corner.

OIB: Then paste.

JNO: what broken box

OIB: Yeah, I really don’t think Sir Adam even reads the board anymore.

JNO: sir adam thinks I’m a nazi

OIB: Top right hand corner.

ORO: heh.

JNO: of the keyboard?

OIB: Yeah, he really isn’t happy with your gay jokes.

JNO: he said on one show the message board were filled with nazis

JNO: I tried cutting back, hes to sensitive, typical lyberal

JNO: liberal

ORO: I kinda made him made in my email and made a reference to it being a nazi camp... That was a big mistake

ORO: him mad...TYPO

JNO: he is jewish

ORO: I know

OIB: Jee’s I hope they don’t read this.

JNO: I got a warning before they were going to ban me

OIB: It’s really odd.

JNO: did oro save the screen for you, I dont know how

OIB: all the shit you’ve pulled and Oro is one they ban.

ORO: Your gonna post this**** on the board/?What for??? None is gonnna believe me.

ORO: No one.. Typo My keyboard sucks.

JNO: HEY, I’m a hell of a nice sweet young man, all my post were well received and in good taste

OIB: I just said I was going to post for everyone enjoyment.

OIB: Yeah really.

JNO: tell me what to do again incher, I don’t know how to save the screen

OIB: We missed the good parts anyhow.

OIB: alt prtscren at the same time.

OIB: Then paste it in the paint.

JNO: nothing happens

ORO: What are you guys talking about?

JNO: I’m trying to copy and paste the chat that one inch missed

OIB: Use the right hand top box to paste it.

ORO: oh

JNO: do you know how oro>?

ORO: haven’t a clue

JNO: the alt and prtscrn do nothing incher

JNO: nothing comes up

OIB: Yeah nothing should.

OIB: Then you open your paint program provided by windows.

JNO: how do I paste it

OIB: use the box that’s is a broken line at the top.

OIB: title it 8.

OIB: Then email it to me or something.

JNO: I dont have paint

OIB: Are you on XP?

JNO: Yes

JNO: I have microsoft picture it

OIB: Start/all programs/Assocesories/paint

JNO: got it

OIB: Excellent

JNO: what kind of file should I save it as.

JNO: jpeg?

OIB: Bitmap.

OIB: Jpegs fine though.

OIB: long as you got it.

JNO: how many color bitmap

JNO: 16 24 or 256

JNO: so many damn choices

OIB: 24 I guess.

OIB: Do you mind that were putting this up oro?

JNO: ok all set

JNO: he better not that burned a lot of brain cells finding it

JNO: who banned you? paul, or phantom

JNO: hello?

OIB: JSK must of got him.

JNO: Damnjsk the lisping giant

OIB: Slow as well.

JNO: whats ur email addy

OIB: Oneinchbiceps@yahoo.com

JNO: ty dude

OIB: No problem

ORO: Sorry had to go the bathroom... What’s up.

JNO: did you wash your hands

JNO: who banned you, paul or phantom

OIB: Do you mind if we put this up?

ORO: No I was JackNoff

ORO: What for?

ORO: What point will it prove?

OIB: Nothing really.

OIB: Just figured it would be interesting for everyone.

JNO: what memebers of the gir message board have you lived up to my name sake while thinking about them

ORO: It’s just gonna lead to me being **** on more and not being able to defend myself.

JNO: for fun, and for you to get your message out dude

ORO: You cant post it if you want.

ORO: Can Typo.

JNO: its important to the gir board, to us, and to America

ORO: Heh... I’m sure

OIB: America!

ORO: Alright, Do it.

JNO: America deserves to know the truth

JNO: ok sent it off incher

ORO: Heh... Ok.

JNO: whats your major beef with the new gir net only shows

ORO: The first early shows with Piper Prichard etc etc I though were awesome.

ORO: When I came back I started with the Ernest Miller show and I thought it was terrible soundwise and it was just boring.

OIB: It takes some getting use to.

JNO: was it the show itself that was boring, including the double adams, or was it the guest the Cat

ORO: It does but I was just voicing *gasp* My opinio.

ORO: They lost it that special

JNO: If Sir A was here what would you want to say to him

ORO:”It” to me

ORO: I’ve said alot to Sir Adam via emai. He has no idea what’s going on with the board.

OIB: I feel like the slow giant himself.

ORO: I apologized a lot to him, but I was just being honest and want to see the show get better.

JNO: What about the Phantom

ORO: Phantom cool, I have no beef with him.

JNO: maybe if Sir A doesn’t know about the board he had nothing to do with you getting banned

JNO: what if Paul the moderater was here

ORO: I went on that rant on the BTR board cause I thought it was them who banned me. I was furious
and wanted to get back at them. It was very childish of me. But it was the only way I could think to get my opinion out about them. Then I found out they had nothing to do with it. So I apolgized.

ORO: He said he didn’t, it’s all up to the webmaster.

JNO: it takes a big man to apolozize oro, America is proud of you

ORO: Wich is Paul I think, Cause he hinted to some of the things I said in my first email.

JNO: when Paul warned me, he told me the webmaster didn’t like my questionable signature

JNO: have you emailed paul the mod

OIB: I really don’t think Sir Adam had anything to do with it. It’s all that damn Paul, he is the Slow Giant JSK.

ORO: I told Sir Adam, I felt betrayed somewhat since I was such a fan of the show and Paul made reference to that

ORO: I don’t even wanna deal with Paul, He’s an asshole.

ORO: Where else do mods openly mock some of their members.” Oreo”

JNO: just voice your opinions, and I’ll do everything in my power as a respected member of the GIR community to make sure they are heard

OIB: One thing, I don’t think they should of banned you with at least a warning at first.

JNO: maybe it was a typo

JNO: are you positive you were banned

JNO: because I’ve seen negative remarks in the message board before

ORO: I tried logging in the morning after I posted that topic. My username DIDN’T EXIST IN THE DATABASE!

JNO: It’s still there if you search the member lists

ORO: Tried registering again as Oro2 and it still wouldn’t let me post.

JNO: have you tried since.

ORO: Yea

JNO: is there anyway to contact the webmaster

OIB: Well, it says Sir Adam and Phantom are web masters now.

OIB: plus paul and audiowrestling Brian.

JNO: Paul told me there was someone above him that they had no control over

ORO: Bullshit,

ORO: Paul had acces to my email. He is one of the main guys there.

JNO: How do you feel about the message board backlash against you

JNO: do you take it personally or do you believe they are just defending the show they love

OIB: Jack had some very kind words.

ORO: I don’t care anymore, It’s so tainted now. I just want to let a few people know I’m not doing or was doing, what is accused of me.

JNO: I try my damnest to be fair and honest message board poster, and human being in gernal
ORO: It felt a little wired to have people jump on me like a pack of hounds for something I know I didn’t do.

ORO: Can I ask you a question Jack?

JNO: Of course.

Everyone was Kicked, again!

ORO: Hit exit my bad

ORO: Where’s Jack?

OIB: He’ll be back in a minute I guess.

ORO: Does this thing boot you every so often??

JNO joined the room

OIB: I think so, this is my first time using it.

JNO: did everyone get booted or just ne

ORO: Ok back to my question, I got booted I think

JNO: did inchlose the screen again

ORO: Did you consider me a message board “Terrorist”?

JNO: Ok ask

ORO: Like Joe said I was.

JNO: those were Joe’s words not mine.

ORO: I know, I’m just asking your opinion on that.

JNO: If you used several log in anems, and posted as several guests all to just post negative comments then yes, but if you didn’t then no.

JNO: but to be fair, Joe’s comments were also his opinions and he has the right to post them

ORO: I didn’t do that. I know I didn’t do that.

JNO: did incher lose the transcripts?

OIB: How did they determine he did that anyhow I think they were just going off what the board was saying anyhow.

JNO: I believe it was guess work bur Joe, Hugh and others

JNO: by not bur

OIB: This is the greatest group of all time.
JNO: the 3 man gang. ( Members of the group were only 3 at the time, now a whopping 6. One dude quit already! What gives?)

ORO: Like I said to OneInch, I can swear on my life I never posted under a guess name. if I did it, I would crack and let up. But I know I didn’t do it.

OIB: See we’ll post this so the 3 of us can read it over and over again.

ORO: It bugs me like a STD, When I people accuse me of something, That I know I didn’t do.

JNO: my greatest moment in my brief journalistic career, or maybe the launching point.

OIB: STP is awesome.

JNO: Hugh mentioned you sent him a pm on the btr board, how do you feel about him

OIB: I don’t know, I honestly don’t think he did it.

OIB: Nature isn’t as such to do something stupid like that.

ORO: I sen a pm to Hugh and IM’ed one cause they were my closest friends on GIR.

We were all kicked again.

ORO: Very bad, Let’s just say. That’s why I came back so quickly.

OIB: Damn, was I the only one that time?

ORO: I still might go back.

ORO: and give it another shot

JNO: I didn’t get booted

ORO: But it didn’t work out as planned.

OIB: I did.

JNO: do you need another shot of the screen?

ORO: I didn’t

OIB: Man this feel really wired.

OIB: Samoan man Doesn’t know what to say.

OIB: Jack says I look Samoan in my picture.

JNO: What did you do when you were there, did you work for your mother

ORO: I did, it was a wrestling related job with Pro Wrestling Noah.

ORO: I didn’t do to good with it.

JNO: Did you meet any wrestlers.

ORO: Not really, I was in and out of the shows.

JNO: what did you do, if you don’t mind me asking

ORO: Ring crew work

ORO: It didn’t pay to well. Let’s just say that.

JNO: is your mother still there.

ORO: yea, she runs another small business and is done with NOAH.

JNO: Do you have family in the states

ORO: My brother and father

ORO: I’m Japanese if you couldn’t tell.

JNO: hopefully the GIR listeners and the moderator and the hosts will read this, and if they take you for your word

JNO: Insher is turning Japanese, thats why hes so quiet

ORO: heh

JNO: INCHER, thats not what they mean by hands free chat, damn it boy you’ll go blind

OIB: I’m watching Tv.

OIB: Naw.

JNO: The President’s state of the union address

OIB: Really just don’t know what ot say.

OIB: Naw, I don’t vote.

OIB: Your vote doesn’t count.

JNO: I know you are in awe of my journalistic integrity

OIB: Oh my gosh very impressive.

JNO: Is there anything else you wont to get off your chest oro, here now is the time and place to do so

OIB: Why I ain’t every seen the likes of you boy, askin those silly question and all.

JNO: The search for the trush is never silly young incher...

ORO: Not really.

JNO: there is more to jack then hate and gay jokes
ORO: I’m kinda getting the felling that no one will believe I worked for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

OIB: Drop some names buddy.

OIB: Give hell son!

ORO: I don’t know what you mean?

OIB: Sometimes I don’t either.

OIB: Jack back to you.

ORO: Tell who I think won’t believe me?

JNO: Tell the GIR board who you saw

JNO: is what the mumbling west virgian meant

ORO: Wrestlers? No one really, Like I said i was in and out. Didn’t get to watch the shows.

JNO: theres an n in there, but WV don’t know how to spell it so they won’t mind if I can’t

OIB: I didn’t know you cared.

JNO: are you originally from usa or japan

OIB: Thank ya.

JNO: ummmm I mean yw

ORO: Japan

JNO: How old were you wehn you moved here

ORO: 14

JNO: what do you think of racial jokes on the board concering your asian decent

ORO: I don’t mind.... You learn to deal with it.

ORO: I’ll BRB (Be Right Back)

JNO: true true, with a name like Jack N. Off wasn’t easy growing up

OIB: I did have a kid in my class by the name of Jack Moore.

JNO: and it was hard for incher growing up a young Samoan Prince, in the ghetto’s of WV

JNO: he couldn’t get enough.

OIB: I play the steele drum a lot.

JNO: do you go barefoot

JNO: and break coconuts with your head

OIB: Bra, let me tell you.

OIB: Man I wonder if anyone reading this has made it this far yet?

JNO: how do you feel about the stereotypical ways your people have been used in wrestling

JNO: I doubt it, to bad the good stuff started when oro came in I think

JNO: If you are reading this send me $5 to prove you made it this far

OIB: it’s the greatest

JNO: tell yo mama

OIB: I’ve got like 20 screens now.

JNO: you think AW will give us a spot on the site if we take this to radio

OIB: This is going to be a bitch putting it up.

JNO: should we end this soon

OIB: Yeah, think so. I’ve got to go beddy by.

OIB: Naw I doubt it, I feel pretty stupid now.

JNO: ok lets end with a quick word association

JNO: Sir Adam

OIB: I love Sir Adam

JNO: The Phantom

OIB: emailed me 3 times.

JNO: Chris Jism

OIB: The Best.

JNO: Billy Jack Haynes

OIB: Is he like the Road Dawg or something?

JNO: Sir Oliver Humperdink

OIB: Sega Saturn

ORO: Back

JNO: and finally fred savage

OIB: Oscar written all over him.

JNO: thanks for reading the first of many to come

OIB: I think we are going to end this now. One I feel wired tying to act like a reporter.

JNO: special thanks to our guest Oro, we wish you all the best in your retur to America, and getting back on the GIR message boards

ORO: Was this all a joke?

JNO: we are here for the fans of wrestling, fans of GIR, and America


OIB: No, I just wanted to have a chat session.

JNO: Specila thanks to my co-host the mumbling west virginian himself incher

ORO: cool.

OIB: Jack made it into a pick oro brain session.

ORO: Jack your pretty cool.

JNO: see you nest time, and remember theres never a bad time for Jack N. Off

JNO: <<Fake Applause>>

JNO: thanks dude

JNO: applauds ORO.

JNO: applauds OIB

OIB: w33 you lqll.

JNO: applauds JNO

OIB: That made no sense.

OIB: See you all.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:19 pm 
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The 2nd text show.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:48 pm 

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kind of amazing that gir is nowhere these days and you guys have a pretty big show

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:01 am 

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These are historic documents.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:20 am 
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Cool stuff. I hate I missed a lot of the board during the early era of iyh.



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Ha this brings back memories, seem to remember these were posted on an msn group before the board was set up, can't believe how long ago it was!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:44 am 
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Yeah, good stuff.... wish I was here when it was happening.


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You and OIB should record yourselves reciting them.


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